T1 Lines: Ideal For Small And Large Businesses

Companies of all sizes have used T1 lines for a number of years. This is a special type of fiber optic or copper line that is able to carry much more data compared to the traditional telephone line. Their main objective is to provide reliable bandwidth for internet access, multiple telephone connections or data communications. Below is a description of the various T1 connections available to businesses.

Full T1 line: This is the most common T1 connection. It offers internet access at a high speed of 1.54 mbps. It also carries VoIP and/or telephone line calls. This kind of bandwidth can support approximately 25 users based on their preferences, needs and the budget of the company. Companies that have between 5 to 50 employees would find this connection ideal.

Fractional T1 Line: This circuit uses a fraction of the Full T1. It can be used for internet and telephone lines. A company can decide on the fraction to purchase depending on its needs. The fractions available include 1.1Mbps, 768kbps, 512kbps, 256kbps and 128kbs among others. Smaller companies would find this connection appropriate as it can enable them make some savings.

Voice T1: This is common in call centers and businesses that have large call volumes and multiple telephone lines. It uses analog or digital transmission and is more efficient and cheaper than installing the traditional telephone service. It usually has 24 phone lines with good reception, reliable service, wide selection of calling features and good long distance rates.

PRI T1: This is also a popular connection because it offers digital trunking enabling it to have calling features that are more advanced. It provides 23 phone lines as the 24th line is used to carry some useful signaling data and special caller ID information (automatic number identification). As the transmission is digital, the phone connection is of highest quality and the reception is crystal clear. It is much cheaper compared to other types of phone services.

Integrated T1 Line: It is among the most popular små och stora företag solutions for smaller businesses. This is because it offers bandwidth, local and long distance telephone services using one connection and a single bill. Using one provider is more cost effective and convenient than using different providers. It provides efficient and reliable voice and internet services and the cost is affordable to many small firms.

Voice Over IP (VoIP): This type of T1 connection is revolutionizing telecommunication because the infrastructure requirements are better for providers and much cheaper for users. Telephone calls are broken down into data packets. These packets are then sent across the internet and are decoded when the call is answered. This reduces drastically the bandwidth required to complete a call. The calls also bypass normal telephone switching network thus escaping the FCC charges.

T1 lines have revolutionized the telecommunication industry. When leased from a high quality provider this connection provides reliable and dedicated bandwidth compared to other services. Since it provides multiple services, a company is able to choose an appropriate service depending on its budget and requirements. Consulting an experienced Telecom consultant is sometimes necessary to help you know what connection your business requires.

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