Family and the Society

By nature human kind is dependent on each other. This dependency leads to the building of formal relationships. Interpersonal relationships lead to the formation of a family and ensure the continuity of the next generations. Therefore the importance of developing healthy relationships can not be over emphasized.

Healthy relationships not only involve personal life of a couple or two partners but these have a cumulative effect on the society as a whole. Happy families are more productive and constructive in their behavior. They are spared of the ravages of mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Poor or weak relationships on the other hand often end up in divorce, separation and break up. The memories of past relations keep coming back to haunt and cause enormous pain to the sufferers. People with failed relationships face many problems like low self esteem, loss of self confidence and even development of self guilt.

Those who go through the ignominy of a failed relationship are more familj och samhälle likely to develop problems handling memories of the past; they simply can’t cope up with the situation and as a result start punishing themselves. Depression overcomes so their capabilities are dampened and they lose constructive thoughts and even positive approach towards life. They loose focus and interest in things and try what ever they can to wear off certain painful ex relation memories. To achieve this, people are sometimes found taking refuge in harmful practices like alcoholism and use of drugs.

To maintain healthy relationships one has to consider certain aspects. A mutual understanding and respect for the partner is mandatory. A balanced stance and a middle ground in emotional matters remain important as well. Slightest change can create environment of distrust and may finally lead to break up of relationships.

As it is said “a broken hand works, but not a broken heart” so one can choose to live life in peace and harmony or can choose to live life in pieces. One must look at the reasons for failure of the relationship and make a sincere effort to avoid the mistakes committed in the past and go ahead with life. It should be understood that a failure in relationship does not mean a failure for life; life still goes on and so shall that person live it to the fullest.


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