A Wellness Team Approach, To Health

Since, it’s your life, and health, doesn’t it make sense, to proceed, in the best – possible way, in order to proceed, as wisely as possible, and make the finest, personal choices, in terms of your personal well – being? Although, in the rest of the world, a more, holistic approach, to health – care, is often, used, and considered, in the United States, we, often, proceed, by emphasizing, what is referred to, as allopathy, or, a more, chemical, drug – related direction. In the past few decades, many physicians, and other health professionals, have become more willing to consider alternatives, and, this is often, referred to, as a Wellness Team Approach, or, simply, using the best, most applicable treatments, from several modalities, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 important aspects, of this pursuit/ approach.

1. Health professional: Find the right health professional, for you! Ask your friends, who they recommend, and why. Interview your doctor, to be certain, it’s the right – blend! Is this person willing to consider a variety of possibilities, and has he studied, beyond, merely, conventional treatments and possibilities? How does this person, do so, and, why, does he believe, it’s a good approach?

2. Allopathy: Beware, while, for some ailments, alternative friskvård treatments, may make sense, or, even, be the best first treatments, there are many times, when allopathy, makes the most sense! Do this on a risk/ reward basis, meaning, when something is more acute, and/ or, potentially, life – threatening, any possible side effects, might be worth it, while, at other times, the reward, isn’t worth the risk!

3. Alternative remedies: Among the possible alternative remedies, might be: Vitamin supplements; minerals; herbal treatments; topical treatments; homeopathy, etc. With the exception of the latter, every modality has some interaction, and it’s always, wisest, to better know, and understand, what these are. For example, certain conventional medications, as well as several supplements, also, have effects, such as: blood – thinning; potential headaches; tired; etc. When might it make, the most sense, to use each approach?

4. Wellness treatments: Some wellness treatments, which are often, effective, in an overall, treatment – plan, include: acupuncture; massage therapy; chiropractic, etc.

5. Open – mind: When we proceed, with a true, well – informed, objective, open – mind, our possibilities, for living the happiest, healthiest lives, becomes enhanced!


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